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Camp Kind 2013 Artists

This year's lineup is here! Please take a moment to browse through all of these very talented local artists. Our goal is to bring you both some of the same artists as previous years as well as mix in some new ones while maintaining an intimate, small, and balanced festival experience.

Friday, August 16th

 1:00PM -  1:30PM

 2:00PM -  3:00PM

 3:30PM -  4:30PM

 5:00PM -  6:00PM

 8:00PM -  9:00PM

 1:00AM -  2:30AM

Saturday, August 17th

11:30AM - 12:30PM

 1:00PM -  2:00PM

 2:30PM -  3:30PM

 5:30PM -  6:30PM

 7:00PM -  8:00PM

8:30PM - 10:00PM

 1:00AM -  2:30AM

Sunday, August 18th

 1:00PM -  2:00PM

 2:30PM -  3:30PM

 3:45PM -  4:45PM

 5:00PM -  6:30PM