3 days and 2 nights for only $20.00! Go!

Rules & Information


Attendees will be provided an area to camp away from your car, but not too far! Please carpool as parking space will be limited, though we have expanded from last year. Please be respectful of the property and your neighbor. Camping is primitive (tents only). Amenities will include portable toilets and running water. There is no electricity available for attendees. There will be a nifty misting tent to help keep every cool! There will be no personal fires allowed. We will provide camp fires in their designated areas on Friday and Saturday night.


No alcohol will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own beverages if you are over the age of 21.


The front gate will only be open during specific hours. Those hours are: Friday: noon - midnight, Saturday: 10AM - midnight, Sunday: 10AM - 7PM. During all other hours, there will be no exiting, admittance, or reentrance. If you need to leave and come back, please make sure to do so while the gates are open!


Hunting and trapping is strictly prohibited at Camp Kind.


All vehicles must remain in parking area(s). Attendees may not camp in the parking area(s). Due to limited parking space, we are asking everyone to carpool as much as possible. No trailers or campers are allowed in the parking area (bands with trailers will have a designated parking area).

Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services will be on call. There will be a staff team in place at all times and an information kiosk available at the heart of the property for your convenience.

Other Services & Goods

There is a Casey's General Store located at 370 East Lincoln Highway, Waterman, IL 60556. They can be contacted at (815) 264-3233. They have toiletries, food, basic goods, as well as plenty of beer. They are in no way affiliated with this event. Please, do not call them for any information regarding Camp Kind.


Pets will not be allowed anywhere on the property. If you must bring your pet, you must keep them in a nearby kennel. Countryside Pet Motel is available at 14829 Waterman Road, DeKalb, IL 60115. They can be contacted at (815) 758-3074. They are in no way affiliated with this event. Please, do not call them for any information regarding Camp Kind.